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Why Choose Calsibrick?


Calsibrick is Eco-Friendly

Calsibrick manufactures cement bricks with the highest possible use of recycled material. Calsibrick manufactures ash bricks from the by-products of the Lethabo Power Station and this reduces the need for ash dumps; and as the bricks are lighter allows the transportation process to be more efficient. We also recycle all our waste from the production process.

We are one of the first manufacturers to set up a crushing facility to reduce construction and demolition waste (C&DW), which mainly consists of reinforced concrete and bricks. The C&DW is then used as an extender aggregate in all the company’s products. In fact, our products contain 90% recycled by-product material.

Who is Calsibrick

Calsibrick was established in 1989 to cater for the cement brick market in Gauteng with a focus on providing a full range of quality and cost efficient cement bricks for contractors, hardware stores and once off projects.

Calsibrick strives to source staff, suppliers and transporters from within the local Community, the nearby Bophelong settlement.

With a daily production capacity of three quarters of a million cement bricks Calsibrick has now developed into a price and quality leader in the market and supplies customers in Gauteng, Northern Free State, North West, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

Calsibrick is one of the largest suppliers of RDP bricks to the industry and the public.

We have been Producing Quality bricks for more than 30 Years