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Calsibrick manufactures cement bricks with the highest possible use of recycled material. Calsibrick manufactures ash bricks from the by-products of the Lethabo Power Station and this reduces the need for ash dumps; and as the bricks are lighter allows the transportation process to be more efficient. We also recycle all our waste from the production process.


We are one of the first manufacturers to set up a crushing facility to reduce construction and demolition waste (C&DW), which mainly consists of reinforced concrete and bricks. The C&DW is then used as an extender aggregate in all the company's products. In fact, our products contain 90% recycled by-product material.

The use of C&DW has a hugely beneficial effect on product quality. The quality of the C&DW is actually superior to that of the materials available at a similar price. This results in products that are not only more beneficial to the environment, but have a higher compressive strength. Due to our ability to recycle even our own waste, Calsibrick aims for a ZERO percent reject rate, thus ensuring that only the very best quality products reach the customer. The end result is a truly green building material of exceptional quality.


All of this is also cost effective, meaning that products manufactured by Calsibrick will not only help to promote sustainable building practice, but will realize a saving in the process.



Calsibrick is Eco-Friendly

How Do We Build a Better Environment?

Does Any of This Affect the Product Quality?

‚ÄčThe reduction in Ash heaps helps protect the fragile Vaal river eco system as there is less seepage through the Ash heaps.

The C&DW would normally be dumped in landfill sites, thereby impacting on sensitive areas. Thus using C&DW in the manufacture of our products eases the pressure on the landfill sites.

Using C&DW means that less virgin materials such as sand and stone have to be quarried, thereby directly lessening the mining impact on the environment.

Calsibrick is situated close to Lethabo Power Station resulting in a transport energy saving.